helping you create your brand's visual identy through fashion....

what do you want  your fashion to say about your business or brand? are you a business woman or man looking to update your style? are you a model needing to build or update your portfolio?  styles by ms. tee can help you bring your vision and brand to life through fashion.   "let me dress you"........

styles by ms. tee offers causal yet skilled-professional services. it is important to me that my customers are comfortable yet at the same time have fun with fashion. if you arn't having fun you are doing it all wrong! 

"5 Star Style Expert-Ms. Tee will not only keep you up to date on all of the latest fashion trends, but she will also bring out your confidence Her sense of style is one of a kind. She is a great down to earth person who loves and has a passion for what she does. I recommend anyone looking to revamp their wardrobe, having an event coming up, photoshoot, you name it she can style to perfection! Tee knows best!" - Dominique Davis

  1. dominique davis (drd artistry)
  2. nereida lobo
  3. grace jones inspired shoot
  4. Ghana60th Independence Day
  5. boho style wedding photoshoot
  6. street style
  7. 70's photo shoot
  8. 70's photo shoot  look 2
  9. aaliyah
  10. #keyo
  11. queen 2
  12. edgy studio
  13. promo shoot with model amelie murphy
  14. boho street style
  15. cherry blossoms: model-ginzel
  16. street fashion - model: magz carter
  17. street fashion - model: magz carter
  18. street fashion - model: tia monroe
  19. desert goddess (joshua tree california)
  20. kanae
  21. kanae
  22. commercial shoot with model tameka jones-young
  23. commercial shoot with model tameka jones-young
  24. style shoot for client
  25. style shoot for client
  26. style shoot for client
  27. LA desert shoot
  28. victoria
  29. victoria


-fashion gallery new york fashion week: stylist/model coordination and dresser
-miss africa usa 2016-17
-dmv models
-la models
-bet - phelan marc
-black women's health impertive - phelan marc
- monarch magazine - productions coordiantor - phelan marc
-dc fashion week - photographer assistant -phelan marc
-ny fashion week - photographer assistant -phelan marc
-woe magazine-photographer assistant/coordination assistant-phelan marc
-korto momolu-photographer assistant/coordination assistant-phelan marc
-angelica talan-creator of clarendon moms + angelica in the city - stylist 
-local influencers and bussiness women - stylist